Launch a Challenge at Your School!

Launch a Challenge at Your School!

Launch a Challenge at Your School!

Launch a Challenge at Your School!

Launch a Challenge at Your School!

Happy Heart Advices is taking a new and innovative approach to battle and bring awareness to childhood obesity throughout the United States. Our Happy Heart Challenges are making a huge impact by allowing kids everywhere to learn about the functions of the heart, while getting them involved in fun, heart-pumping activities.

Our challenges serve as an extension of your school’s commitment to educate and empower students towards healthy living.

How Does It Work?

Each challenge is customized to fit the needs of each individual organization. Over the course of 5- 10 days, students participate in daily educational and activity sessions where they learn about the heart and the importance of healthy eating. Founder and CEO of Happy Heart Advice, Savanna Karmue visits the students each day and leads them in educational sessions and fun fitness activities.

Additionally, students, staff, and parents pledge to complete a dedicated amount of exercise each day during the challenge. Students also participate in making healthy snacks and receive tons of information and goodies to jumpstart their new commitment towards healthy eating.

The Impact

Participating in our Challenges not only educates kids and get them active, it boosts their self-esteem and instills a lasting desire to live a healthy lifestyle.

Because our movement is led by someone their own age, students eagerly participate in the challenges and are motivated to create their own happy hearts and lifestyles.

Following our challenges, schools often report that students are more focused, well behaved, and more content in the classroom. Parents have even informed us that their children eagerly go through kitchen cabinets to identify
Happy Heart Approved foods, using the tools and information they learned during their school’s challenge.

Bring a Happy Heart Challenge to Your School!


Each participating school receives customized information packets, parent letters, tips, and guidelines to help them prepare for the challenge.

You provide the space and time — the Happy Heart team will handle set up, activities, information, and goodies for your students!

We also provide each family with Savanna’s Happy Heart Approved eating guide and shopping kit to give students a jumpstart towards healthy living.

If you’re motivated to get your students or employees started on a healthier path, click below to find out how you can bring the Happy Heart Challenge to your organization today!