The Passion of a Young Girl Ignites a National Movement

The mission of Happy Heart Advice was born from the passion of a young girl who wanted to change the world.

The incredible movement that is Happy Heart Advice all started with 6-year old Savanna Karmue’s visit to a local hospital where her Sunday school teacher was to undergo a heart procedure. After an eventful meeting with the Cardiologist on staff, Savanna’s curiosity led her towards a deep appreciation of the heart and its importance to the human body. It was then that Savanna decided that she too wanted to become a Cardiologist and help save lives. Encouraged by her parents to research the heart and cardiology, Savanna soon fell in love with the heart and its impact on the human body. Upon further research, she also learned the devastating fact that heart disease kills over 2,000 people every single day. In addition, Savanna learned that 1 in 3 of her peers were also suffering from childhood obesity. It was then, at the tender of age of 6 that Savanna decided she must do something to help. She began making YouTube videos sharing with the world ways to have a better health and create a happy, healthy heart.

A Young Author is Born

One year later, Savanna decided to place all her happy heart advice in a single book which she named Happy Heart Advices, Vol. 1. With the help of her parents, she started her own organization dedicated to helping people take control of their health and live better lives.

Soon, Happy Heart Advice began hosting seminars at churches and community centers, bringing awareness to heart disease and childhood obesity. Happy Heart Advice provided copies of Savanna’s book to families and organizations to help educate them on the importance of heart health.

Happy Heart Advice Impacts Communities and Receives National Recognition

Happy Heart Advice Impacts Communities and Receives National Recognition

Happy Heart Advice Impacts Communities and Receives National Recognition

Happy Heart Advice Impacts Communities and Receives National Recognition

After her first official book signing, Savanna was invited by the American Heart Association to speak at their health symposium where she was able to share the mission and message of Happy Heart Advice with community and government leaders in California.

Since its inception, Happy Heart Advices has become an authority on heart health and the power of making nutritious food choices. As part of its mission to decrease the numbers of those affected by childhood obesity and heart disease, Happy Heart Advice launched its Happy Heart Challenges in 2016. These challenges motivate students and families to get up and get active for 10 days consecutively.

Recently, the Happy Heart Challenge was brought to the Alan Rowe Preparatory School in California, providing over 300 families with education and empowering resources for healthy living.

Here’s How Our Goals Impact the Future

By attacking childhood obesity, we reduce the risk of future cardiovascular disease.
If we can impact a single child, we can impact an entire family and community.
23 Million children are currently obese. This number is estimated to keep growing over the next few years and thereby increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in this country…UNLESS we do something to change that.

Happy Heart Advice has also created the Happy Heart Approved shopping guide and starter kit to aid with making easy nutritious food purchases.

Through seminars, books, and events, Happy Heart Advices remains on a mission to educate, empower, and inspire students and families around the globe.