Help us continue the fight on childhood obesity and heart disease.

Here’s why we need your support:

Our Goal is to cut the number of those affected by heart disease and childhood obesity in half by the year 2031.

How We Plan to Accomplish Change

#1. We plan to make healthy eating easier for kids and families with the 2018 launch of the Happy Heart Approved App.


The Happy Heart Approved App will place the power of healthy eating in the palm of our hands by instantly letting consumers know if their grocery selection is Happy Heart Approved.

We plan to launch our app through partnership with selected grocery stores in the California area, then make the Happy Heart shopping experience available at stores nationwide.

#2. We plan to revitalize health and fitness in school systems by helping to create 300 Happy Heart Approved Schools by 2025.


We will do this by leveraging their participation in our Happy Heart Challenges, furthering their commitment to help students lead healthier lives.

#3. We plan to increase education about healthy eating and equip young people to make healthy life choices by having the Happy Heart Advice Books & Teacher’s Guide added to the curriculum of 100 schools by the year 2020.


Our Goals

  To empower families by providing more health based insight and practical healthy choices for families and communities

  To educate, engage and inspire more children towards healthy living by launching more than 500 Happy Heart Challenges nationwide

  To inspire more food manufacturers and organizations to produce more Happy Heart Approved foods for our communities

  To decrease heart disease and childhood obesity by half

  To help everyone in the world live to have a happy, healthy heart

Each donation you make helps us to reach more schools, families, and communities with educational seminars, Happy Heart Approved food resources, and Happy Heart Challenges.

We invite you to partner with us in empowering people everywhere to eat better and live longer.

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